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Beaconhouse Tutors

Our Beaconhouse tutors are highly-qualified professionals, with extensive and exclusive tutoring experience of Beaconhouse School System (BSS) students. They teach in Beaconhouse mainstream school, Beaconhouse Newlands Lahore, TNS Beaconhouse, and also in Concordia College.  They tutor every grade – from Kindergarten to O and A Levels (Matric/FSc) – and covering every subject – be it Maths, English, science, history or Udru, among many others. Java HTS engages Beaconhouse tutors from all of its campuses, and benefits the students in all major cities of Pakistan, including but not limited to Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Rawalpindi.

Beaconhouse School System is Pakistan’s largest and world’s leading school network, with its presence in South Asia, Europe, South East Asia and Middle East. They have more than 160 schools just in Pakistan, and our professional Beaconhouse tutors cater the needs of all students, wherever they are required. We engage them for Cambridge University curricula, and Textbook Boards of Pakistan and other countries.

What we cover:

You should not be worried; we have got your back. Our Beaconhouse School tutors not just cover these grades, but every single concept that is included therein.

  • Beaconhouse/Newslands Kindergarten Tutors
  • Beaconhouse/Newslands Junior Classes Tutors
  • Beaconhouse/Newslands Pre-O’ Levels Tutors
  • Beaconhouse/Newslands O’ Levels Tutors
  • Beaconhouse/Newslands A’ Levels Tutors
  • Beaconhouse/Newlands IGCSE Tutors
  • Beaconhouse/Newlands International Baccalaureate (IB) Tutors
  • Beaconhouse Matric Tutors
  • Beaconhouse/Concordia FSc Tutors

Beaconhouse Tutor’s Profile:

Our Beaconhouse tutors are academics, with years of teaching Beaconhouse students, across their hundreds of campuses all over the Pakistan and thousands of students at their home, as a home tutor, and an online tutor. They know individual needs of each student and make sure that the student stands tall when results are announced, with highest percentage among his/her peers, and solid knowledge base which has been built by their tutoring.

Tutoring Methodology:

Our Beaconhouse tutors start the process with a diagnostic test, where the student is thoroughly assessed in a 2 days free trial. In this time, the strong and weak areas of the student are identified, and a roadmap is developed that how the student can be improved, and how much time is required to achieve the set goal. We don’t believe in cramming, so we work on continual improvement.

Other than the student’s assessment, every month, our tutors also do their self-audit to determine if there is any gap in their tutoring methodology, and where they can improve, seeing the individual needs of that particular Beaconhouse student.


Our Beaconhouse tutors teach the curriculum recommended by the Beaconhouse School System, most of the times it’s Cambridge and Textbook Board curricula.

Tutoring Options:

In-home tutoring/Online tutoring/Private one-to-one tutoring

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